Active and Passive Voice MCQs


Active and Passive Voice MCQs



Active Voice

As we have learned, in the active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action. Let's look at two examples of sentences in the active voice.


Shira loves to watch birds.


He loves Twilight.


No matter which verb you use, structure your sentences so that the subject is writing the verb in the active voice.


The active voice has a direct, clear tone. Use it when you want the reader to focus on the subject of your sentence and what they are doing instead of the goal of the action.


Passive Voice

In the passive voice, the target of the action is the focus, and the verb acts on the subject. Each sentence in the passive voice contains two verbs:


A coherent form of "being".

Past participle of the main verb

Let's look at the previous examples, now written in the passive voice:


Shira likes to watch birds.


Twilight loves him.


Notice how the action targets—the direct objects of the sentences—are now the focus. The sentences now have a combined form of "to be" (is) and the past participle of the main verb (liked and liked). Often, sentences in the passive voice are longer than sentences in the active voice simply because they have to include additional words such as prepositions. Let's take a look at this sentence in the passive voice.


The summer break is liked [past participle of the main verb] by my friends


However, sentences written in the passive voice do not necessarily need a preposition. Let's look at the example sentence below.


The check was paid.


He will be remembered.


The passive voice has a more subtle tone than the active voice. Sometimes your writing needs this tone, such as when you want your reader to focus on the action or goal of the action being described rather than who or what is doing it. This is why lab reports use the passive voice—it conveys scientific objectivity by minimizing the focus on the doer.


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Active and Passive Voice MCQs


Active and Passive Voice MCQs

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