Business Research Methods M.Com 2nd Sem

Business Research Methods M.Com 2nd Sem

Business Research Methods

M.Com 2nd Sem


Business Research

The word research consists of two syllables, again and search. Defines the dictionary.

The former as antecedent means again, anew or again and the latter as a verb meaning to examine

To examine and try, or investigate, closely and carefully. Together they form a noun that describes a cautious,

Systematic, patient studies and investigations in a field of knowledge are undertaken to establish

Facts or principles

According to Robert Ross, “Research is basically an investigation, recording and a

An analysis of the purpose of acquiring knowledge.” It can generally be described as a

A systematic approach to problem solving.

Research need not lead to ideal solutions, but it may lead to new problems that may arise.

More research is needed. In other words, research after every research is not the end of a problem.

This raises a new question. This is done both to discover new facts and to confirm old ones.

The ones


Characteristics of research

  •  It means discovery of new knowledge
  •  Is basically an investigation.
  •  Relates to problem solving.
  •  It is based on observation or empirical evidence.
  •  It requires accurate observation or experiments.
  •  In research, researchers try to find answers to unsolved questions.
  •  It should be carefully recorded and reported.


Business Research

Business research refers to the systematic collection and analysis of data.

Finding answers to management problems. This can be done with purpose

Discovering, describing or diagnosing a phenomenon. This includes setting goals and

Relevant information can be gathered and organized to find an answer to a business problem.

To answer a business question, such as: What is the target market for my product?

Business research is also used to solve a business-related problem, such as determining how to

To reduce the amount of excess inventory.


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Business Research Methods M.Com 2nd Sem


Business Research Methods M.Com 2nd Sem

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