The 7 C’s of Communication


The 7 C’s of Communication


Principles of Business Communication 


The Seven C's of Communication are a list of principles of written and spoken communication to ensure they are effective. The seven C's are: clear, accurate, complete, concrete, concise, considerate and polite.


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7 C's of Communication

Here's a list of the seven C's of communication that you should make sure you follow in all your communications. Their purpose is to help ensure that the person you are talking to hears what you are trying to say. The seven C's are: clear, accurate, complete, concrete, concise, considerate and polite.

The 7 C’s of Communication & Principles of Business Communication



There are several steps to clarification.


First, be clear about the purpose of the message you are conveying. The recipient should be informed why they are receiving the message and what you are trying to achieve by delivering it. If there is more than one goal, each should be kept separately.


Secondly, it is important that the content of the communication is self-explanatory. Avoid jargon, use simple language, use simple structure and focus on the main points of your message so that it is easy for the audience to understand.



It is important that the information is factual and that your language and grammar are both correct. If your audience sees mistakes in both, they will be distracted and your credibility will be greatly diminished.



Consistency is often one of the most important of the 7 Cs of communication.


When creating a message, it's important to give the recipient all the information they need to follow your line of reasoning and reach the same conclusions you need. This level of detail will vary in different situations, and you should adjust your communication accordingly.


Also, you should make things as easy as possible for the recipient. For example, if you're issuing a "call to action," provide clear guidance on how to take that action. It is common to include things like hyperlinks or frequently asked questions in written communications, both of which help the audience access the full set of information and also ensure that the main communication focuses on the core messages. are focused.



When crafting your communication you must ensure that you are specific and that the logic and messages you are using fit together, build on each other and support each other. Your arguments should be based on solid facts and opinions from credible sources, and you should share indisputable data to support your argument.


It can be important to help bring to life the concrete nature of what you've created for your audience through examples that demonstrate the relevance of your messages to them individually.



When communicating messages of this nature it is important to stay to the point and keep your messages short and simple. If you can use five words, you don't have to use 10 words. Don't repeat your messages over and over again.


The more you say, the greater the risk of confusion. Focus only on the important, risk-averse points you need to deliver.



Not everyone knows how to use the 7 Cs of communication.

People are not always polite.

You can increase the effectiveness of your communication by being polite and showing your audience that you respect them. Your messages should be friendly, professional, caring, respectful, open and honest.


To help ensure that you are polite, you should always use some empathy and consider your messages from the audience's perspective.


Considered & Coherent

The last of the 7 Cs of communication is considered or integrated. If your contacts aren't connected, they won't be effective. To help ensure that your communication is thoughtful and coherent you should have a logical flow and your style, tone and language should be consistent throughout.


In addition to ensuring that every communication you issue is coherent within itself, you must also ensure message consistency across multiple communications.


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The 7 C’s of Communication


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