Introduction to Information And Communication Technologies


Introduction to Information And Communication Technologies

Introduction to Information

And Communication Technologies


What is information technology?

Information technology (IT) is any computer, storage, networking, and other physical equipment, infrastructure, and process used to create, process, store, store, and exchange electronic data of all kinds. In contrast to information technology generally used for personal or entertainment purposes, IT is used in the context of business operations. Commercial uses of information technology (IT) include both computer technology and telecommunications.


The Harvard Business Review coined the term information technology to distinguish between purpose-built machines that are designed to perform a limited range of functions and general-purpose computing machines that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks. Is. As the IT industry evolved from the mid-20th century, computing capacity increased, while device costs and energy consumption decreased, a trend that continues today as new technologies emerge.


What does information technology involve?

The IT department ensures that the organization's systems, networks, data, and applications are all integrated and functioning properly. The information technology (IT) team handles three major areas:


1.    Deploys and maintains business applications, services and infrastructure (server, network, storage);

2.    Monitors the performance of applications, services, and infrastructure, improves performance, and resolves issues. It also oversees the security and governance of applications, services, and infrastructure.

3.    Most IT staff have various responsibilities within the team that cover several key areas:


Administration: Administrators handle the day-to-day deployment, operation, and monitoring of the IT environment, including systems, networks, and applications. Administrators often perform other duties such as software upgrades, user training, software license management, procurement, security, data management, and monitoring adherence to business process and compliance requirements.


Support: Help desk staff are skilled in answering questions, gathering information, and directing troubleshooting efforts for hardware and software. IT support often includes IT asset and change management, assisting administrators with procurement, data and application backup and recovery, monitoring and analyzing logs and other performance monitoring tools, and establishing support workflows It involves following the process.


Applications: Businesses rely on software to perform tasks. Some applications are ordered and deployed from third parties, such as email server applications. However, many organizations maintain a staff of skilled developers who create the applications and interfaces -- such as APIs -- needed to deliver critical business capabilities and services. Applications can be coded in a wide array of popular languages and integrated with other applications to create smooth and seamless interactions between different applications. Developers can also be tasked with creating interactive business websites and mobile applications. The trend toward agile or continuous development models requires developers to become increasingly involved in IT operations, such as deploying and monitoring applications.


Compliance: Businesses are required to meet various government and industry-driven regulatory requirements. IT staff plays a critical role in securing and monitoring access to business data and applications to ensure that resources are used in accordance with established business governance policies that meet regulatory requirements. fulfills Such personnel are closely involved in security operations and routinely interact with legal and business teams to prevent, detect, investigate, and report potential breaches.



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