Microsoft Excel Tips - Office 365 productivity tips

Office 365 productivity tips

1. Use "Tell Me"

With the rise of remote working, finding an answer to a problem can be time-consuming. Unlike the Help screen, Tell Me allows you to enter words or phrases that direct you to a command that is immediately executed for you. How cool is that?


Click Tell Me from the navigation bar and type the command you want. A drop-down menu may appear to fix your request. Click on the option you want and prepare to be amazed.


1. Use "Tell Me"

2. Use a focused inbox.

Is this how your work day starts?


Open your Outlook email inbox.

Feel overwhelmed. Run and hide.

Your work-focused inbox feature has replaced Clutter as the best way to filter your inbox. Curating your inbox puts actionable items front and center, streamlining your email handling.


Outlook organizes your emails into two separate folders: Focused and Other. The emails you consider most important are filed in your Focused Inbox. Mails sent to other boxes are still accessible, but take a backseat to focused emails. Move emails from one box to another by right-clicking on a message and selecting "Move to Focused" or "Move to Other".


3. Complete your presentation with Templafy.

Save time and establish a consistent look and feel for documents across the company with Templafy's document creation tool. Creating a branded experience involves all company communications, internal and external.


Templafy integrates with Microsoft applications, ensuring uniform formatting and branding that employees can access across all touch points.


4. Organize notes with OneNote.

Microsoft's OneNote is an app used to store information and take notes. OneNote notebooks allow you to store links, save photos and drawings, and write with a stylus while keeping research notes in one convenient place. The notebook has unlimited pages and sections to customize as needed and can be shared as a useful co-authoring tool.


Organize notes with OneNote.

5. Use Smart Search.

Need to quickly verify a word or phrase, fact check or find context? You can stay focused on your work by using Smart Lookup. Smart Lookup allows you to quickly find the information you need.


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