CSS 2023


Pakistan Affairs Syllabus for CSS 2023

The Pakistan Affairs syllabus can be divided into two broad sections:


Pre-Partition Period (Before 1947)

Post-Partition Period (After 1947)


Part of the pre-partition period

1. Ideology of Pakistan: Historical Perspective of Ideology of Pakistan, Definition and Explanation of Ideology of Pakistan. The idea of Pakistan in the light of the thinking of Muslim scholars. Role of Pakistan Ideology in Pakistan Movement, Justification of Pakistan Ideology in Post-Partition Period.

2. Muslim Rule in the Subcontinent: Historical Perspective of Muslim Rule in the Subcontinent, Effects of Muslim Rule in the Subcontinent, Causes of Muslim Decline. Revolt of 1857: Causes and Effects (Especially on the Muslims of the Subcontinent).

3. Muslim Reform Movements: Efforts and Role of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhandi, Shah Waliullah. Syed Ahmad Shaheed, and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in reforming the Muslims of the subcontinent.

4. Educational Reforms: Role of Aligarh, Ubandh, Nadda, and other educational institutions, the impact of these institutions on social, cultural, economic, and political aspects of Muslims of sub-continent.

5. Pakistan Movement: Major legislations passed by the British Government in India (Act of 1909, Government of India Act 1919, Government of India Act 1935) and their impact on the political situation in the subcontinent, Nehru Report and Fourteen Points of Quaid-i-Azam. Congress rule (1937-39), Pakistan Resolution (March 23, 1940), Cripps Mission, Cabinet Mission Plan, Partition Plan and legacy of Partition and its impact on India-Pakistan relations after independence.


Part of the post-Partition era

1. Geography and Society of Pakistan: Geo-strategic importance of Pakistan, Natural resources of Pakistan (gas, oil, hydel, renewable resources), Major agricultural products of Pakistan (Total yield of major crops, Yield per hectare of major crops), Problems faced From the side of agriculture sector in Pakistan, steps taken by various governments for the improvement of agriculture sector.

2. Major Industries of Pakistan: Problems faced by the industrial sector in Pakistan, initiatives taken by various governments to improve the industrial sector, the future of the industrial sector, and upcoming challenges.

3. Education Sector in Pakistan: Status of education sector in Pakistan, different types of enrollment and institutions (primary, middle, secondary, and higher secondary level), gender disparity in education, measures taken to improve education sector, higher education in Pakistan, challenges and developments in higher education.

4. Pakistan's nuclear program, its safety, and security, international concerns: Pakistan as a signatory to various conventions on nuclear security, role of SPD (Strategic Planning Division), Pakistan's nuclear ideology, nuclear deterrence vs. India.

5. Pakistan and the Changing Regional Apparatus: Pakistan and the Changing Regional Apparatus with Special Focus on Afghanistan and Iran.


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