The Purpose of an Interview - Interview Handbook

The Purpose of an Interview - Interview Handbook




An interview is a mutual exchange of information between workers.

And you, as a candidate for office. The main objectives are:

• Add resume information.

• Show that you understand your strengths and weaknesses and a

Understanding of direction

• Enable the employer to assess your personality and attitudes

The demands of the organization and the conditions of the position

• Allows you to find information about the organization and the job.

which is not available from other sources.

• Give you and the employer a chance to discuss the desire.

Further contacts or job offers

The interview is a two-way process. When you evaluate an employer.

He evaluates you. Since there is no one way to interview, you will.

You have to develop your own style. To present oneself well during

Interview, you must be prepared. Preparation builds confidence and

Enables you to better present your abilities.


First impression

Your success or failure in an interview depends on your appearance.

And the interviewer's first impression of you. Research shows that, at

On average, an interviewer makes a hiring decision in just 51⁄2 minutes. If before

If the impression is not positive, it will be difficult to change the interviewer.

Keep that in mind during the rest of the interview.

Be punctual. Arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself time to collect.

Take the opportunity to observe your thoughts and work environment.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Look professional - neat, clean, and well-groomed. Select the appropriate one.

Dress for the organization interviewing you. If in doubt, do it

Conservatives are also advised to keep one's fashion accessories

At a minimum, avoid wearing strong perfumes, and turn off appliances such as

Cell phones and electronic organizers.

Greet everyone with respect and professionalism. When you move

Hold hands, make eye contact, and smile.

Try to match the grip of the aggressive interviewer. Good manners.

Wait to be seated until the interviewer calls you.


Know the company/organization.

You need to be familiar with the position and the organization so that you

Can demonstrate your interest and suitability for the job. Refer to

Research notes you made while reviewing print and online materials,

Talked to people about the position, and prepared my resume.

Introductory Letter.


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The Purpose of an Interview - Interview Handbook

The Purpose of an Interview - Interview Handbook

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