understand the meaning and changing nature of international relations;

understand the utility of studying international relations;

understand its scope;

Identify and explain traditional methods of international studies.

Relations; And

Explain major scientific methods such as systems theory and games.




The study of relations between nations has fascinated scholars for centuries.

However, the term international was first used by Jeremy Binthanel in the latter section.

of the eighteenth century, although its Latin equivalent intergent was used.

Century ago by Rijchare Zouche. Both of them used this term in this context.

The branch of law was called the law of nations, which later became 'international'.

Law'. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, there were international relations.

increased rapidly. Today, nation-states have become highly interdependent. And relationships

Among them, whether they are political or related to trade and commerce

developed into an essential field of knowledge. In this unit, we are primarily concerned with

With political relationships between sovereign societies called nations, or nation-states.

After World War II, the interdependence of sovereign states has increased.

Meanwhile, in the current jet age, travel has become so fast that distance

There is a significant decline among adolescents; And with the revolution in the field of communication, today's satellite age has brought people so close to each other

International relations have given unprecedented importance to both as a 'condition'.

And as 'discipline'.                        



The term International Relations (IR) can be used for both 'state' and a.

'Discipline', for example, Qllincy Wright, makes such a distinction. official

Relations between sovereign nations are defined as international relations.

According to him, “............the word interstate would have been more accurate

Because in political science the state has come to be a term applied to such societies.'

Thus, international relations as a 'state' refers to international facts, and life, i.e. the actual conduct of relations between any nations through diplomacy.

Based on foreign policy. It also includes the real areas of cooperation, conflict, and war.

According to Wright, IR should tell whatever "truth about the subject", i.e. how?

Relationships are held and IR as a discipline must treat them systematically.

scientific method.

In other words, IR should focus on the study of all relationships—political, diplomatic

Trade, and knowledge between sovereign states that constitute the subject.

international relations. The scope of IR should include “a variety of studies.

Groups—nations, states, governments, peoples, territories, alliances, confederations,

International organizations, even industrial organizations, cultural organizations,

religious organizations” etc. are involved in conducting these relations.

But while Quincy Wright distinguished between international relations as a 'condition'

and discipline, there are other scholars such as Palmer and Perkins who doubted it.

status as a discipline. He argued that history and political science

Subjects from which international relations emerged. 40 years of writing Abov

First. Palmer and Perkins opined: “Although international relations have emerged.

It is still far from its former status as a poor relation of political science and history.

By being an organized discipline. "

One of the first scholars of international relations was Professor Alfred Zimmern.

wrote before World War II: "International relations . . . is clearly not

that one subject in the general sense of the word. It does not provide a single coherent body.

of teaching materials. ... It is not a single subject but a collection of subjects. . . . . of law,

Economics, Political Science, Geography, etc. . . . . "International Relations,

According to Palmer and Perkins, character and content were very subjective. in this

Early stages even E.H. Carr described it as "significantly and fkal~kly utopian". But

Because of the failure of the League of Nations and its collective security system

Comment that it has become possible to initiate a serious and critical analysis.

Think about international issues.

Scholars after the Second World War. It would not be appropriate to describe it today.

International relations as 'utopian or denial' gives it the status of an independent subject.

Studying national interest is the main concern of every state. Planners and builders of

Foreign policy - cannot ignore the correct perception of the national interests of their country

which must be protected at all costs. Hartmann defined international relations as a

field of study that “focuses on the processes by which states adjust their national.

It is not of interest to other states.” Because the national interests of different states are often involved.

The conflict, Morgenthau concluded, is that international politics, like all politics, is a

Struggle for power. Therefore, power is the means by which nations develop.

Their national interests



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