FBR Launched Overhaul of Customs Operations with 16 Working Groups

The objective of this initiative is to review existing laws and procedures and amend them if necessary.


FBR Launched Overhaul of Customs Operations with 16 Working Groups

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken a major step towards improving customs operations in Pakistan by announcing the formation of 16 working groups.


The initiative aims to review and possibly amend existing laws and procedures, with a particular focus on replacing the Web-based One Customs (WeBOC) system.


Designated working groups cover various aspects of Customs operations, including evaluation, preventive measures (including anti-smuggling, seizure, and auction), export and quota management, transit, criminal proceedings, case management functions, post-clearance audits, and Valuation, incl. others


FBR has outlined Terms of Reference (TORs) for Working Groups emphasizing the need for comprehensive analysis of business processes. To facilitate this, international consultants are engaged in developing prototypes for a new digital system to replace WeBOC.


This consultation ranges from proposing changes in rules and procedures as well as implementing effective change management strategies.


A Project Implementation Committee (PIC) has been established by FBR to oversee the consultancy process, and working groups have been formed to address specific work streams within Pakistan Customs in support of the PIC. are


The main purpose of these working groups is to conduct an operational technical review of the business requirements specification document prepared by the consultants, as well as to review their recommendations for their assigned work streams.


Notably, the services of international consultants are funded through the technical assistance component of the World Bank's Pakistan Rice Revenue Project.

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